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To Stay Active, Even in Lockdown - #it's_EfsahriBari

Physical activity, even such that can be performed alone, without leaving home or even a room, helps with alleviating stress, preserving and strengthening of muscles and bones.

Physical activity is also a great way to spend time - not in front of screens.

Quarantine for few days and certainly, a one that lasts two weeks can significantly alter our daily routine. Quarantine may face us with further challenges, resulting from lack of sufficient movement: reduction in activity level, gaining weight, and along those - increased incidence of phenomena such as depression, anxiety and stress.

So, that is the time to wear sportswear and to ventilate the room - in the following links, you can find ideas and resources that we have clustered for you, that are suitable both for kids and adults, or shortly - we invite you to move:

Activities for the whole family

Recommended activity for older ages

More on healthy coping in the Ministry of Health’s website

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