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Zazoom! Keeping Active Even while Seated in Front of the Screen at Home or Work

Do you feel like your attention and energy levels drop during your workday after hours in front of the screen and video meetings that never end? Take a few moments to exercise while seated.

The new work routine in the era of the coronavirus pandemic includes far fewer opportunities to move and be active. In many cases, we work from home or the office, we meet fewer people and mostly spend much more time in video meetings, which in many cases replace the frontal meetings to which we were used. One of the benefits of this situation is that it is possible to participate in more meetings over the same number of working hours. The major downside, however, is that we spend more hours seated on a chair in front of a screen, which leads us to move less during the day, resulting in backaches and many other health complications that are caused by staying in a "sedentary" state for long hours.

We have prepared a video, especially for these situations. You can find two parts of various exercises you can do easily and comfortably while at work (or at home) in front of your computer screen (or mobile phone), before a meeting (in order to boost your concentration and energy levels), or even with all other participants in the meeting, without even getting up.

Video No. 1 – "Zazoom": Warming up the Joints and Spinal Mobility (04:25 minutes)
The aim of this exercise is to move the vertebrae of the spine and the shoulders. The spinal vertebrae are under tremendous pressure following long hours of sitting and therefore, in order to alleviate that pressure, it is recommended that you move them by bending, stretching, rotation and side-bending.

Video No. 2 – "Zazoom": Intervals with a Chair (05:20 minutes)
A short and intensive Tabata-style training for boosting the energy levels by short, high-intensity repetitions to increase your pulse. The required attention and concentration levels for long meetings are high. In order to stay focused and efficient, it is recommended to do a short exercise aimed at increasing your pulse and thereby your energy. The duration of this practice is 4 minutes, 2 exercises per minute, a total of 8 Tabata-style repetitions, 20 seconds of exercise, and 10 seconds of respite for each exercise.

Video No. 3 – the Full Video – "Zazoom," Short Training - Moving the Body
A short session while seated on a chair, aimed at moving the body, reenergizing, and increasing your pulse after a long meeting in the office, either frontal or by video.