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In the Educational System

Not just a "lesson in health" but health in each lesson: kindergarten and schools significantly effect our children's knowledge, perceptions and habits – and also us, as parents.

As a joint National Project of the Ministry of Health and Education, Efsharibari is leading the transition to healthier nutrition at school and in the kindergarten schedule and during holidays and birthdays, and at the same time – is increasing the percentage of physically active students. We have gathered here for you the various programs, laws and regulations that are important to know and also tools and guides to activities that can be of use to you – principals, teachers, and of course parents who are a part of the healthy change in the education system in Israel.

5 Things You Should You Know About

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Drink Healthy in Educational Institutiosn

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Projects and Initiatives in Educational Institutions

Eat Healthy in Educational Institutions

With cake – but with less snacks and sweets with lots of saturated fat, sugar and sodium: more and more preschools and schools are already celebrating healthier birthdays

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Being Active in Educational Institutions

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Well Being in Educational Institutions

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5 Things you should know In the Educational System

  1. Over 1,300 schools all across the country have already joined the "Efsharibari health promoting school" imitative, and the goal for the end of 2020 is for all the schools in the country to become health promoters.
  2. Efsharibari school promotes an overall outlook of "health in every lesson" and the integration of health messages into the school recess, trips, and the entirety of the school and community's activity
  3. The "Go for it" program was formed in Efsharibari for the addition of 90 minutes of physical activity each week in all schools: during recess, learning, and in the addition of physical education hours.
  4. A unique survey conducted on behalf of Efsharibari has found that 74% of the parents support healthier kindergarten birthday parties, with no snacks, candies and sugar-sweetened beverages.
  5. Many schools and kindergartens are already replacing a significant portion of the snacks and candies in the Mishloach Manot in Purim or the Hanukkah packages with greeting cards, toys (graggers, masks, dreidels etc.) or pastries that are made together with the children.