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Eat Healthy

Healthy nutrition is part of every moment of our daily lives every time we make a choice. Decide what food comes into the home, what goes into the sandwich, or the family's dinner table.

Eating healthy is knowing. Knowing the food contents, what foods we should consume and which to avoid. Knowing what the manufacturers and retailers of the sugar-sweetened beverages and ultra-procced food do not really want us to know. Knowing how to choose correctly from the abundance of the various products on the supermarket's shelves, and how we can also help our family to make healthier choices every single time in each meal.

5 Things that are worthwhile knowing about eating healthy…

Come and find out what they are!

Don't Feel Uncomfortable - Serve Water

The Nutritional Rainbow

Eat Healthy

Eat natural, colorful food, with familiar, favorite flavors and smells – and mainly eat healthier food. Everything you need to know about the Ministry of Health’s dietary guidelines and their health

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Why You Should Eat Healthy

Buy Healthy Food

Healthy Recipies

5 Things you should know Eat Healthy

  1. Healthy nutrition starts even before we enter our home: during the grocery shopping, we read the nutritional values labeling, compare, and choose the healthier options in the category.
  2. Not all fats are the same: it is preferable to consume plant fats, such as olive or canola oil, avocado, tahini, or raw nuts and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin). Consumption of saturated fats of animal origin should be reduced (fatty meat and dairy products) and hardened plant fats (such as margarine for example) that are found in many processed food products (cakes and cookies, snacks, baked filled pastries and the like).
  3. Integrating fresh vegetables and fruits will enrich the daily meals with naturally occurring nutritional ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers and antioxidants.
  4. In order to consume less sodium (the main mineral found in table salt) and processed soup powders - herbs and spices, onion, garlic and fresh or dried herbs can be used. The result is just as tasty and far healthier.
  5. Juices, yes – even natural, contain substantial amounts of sugar. It is preferable to drink water, and if you want to diversify and add some flavor and color – use mint, slices of orange, apple, lemon and even cucumber.

It's not just eating healthy...