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Healthy Nutrition According to the Weekly Torah Portions and the Holidays

The connection between the recommendations for healthy nutrition and the Torah values and the guidance of the Torah sages is presented through a collection of materials and an illustrated book.

The Torah way for healthy nutrition: the connection between the recommendations for healthy nutrition and the Torah values and the guidance of the Torah sages is presented through an illustrated book and a collection of articles, specifically tailored for the Haredi community.
This collection is intended for the general public and religious people. The recently published book "Those Who Delight in Preserving Life", uniquely combines the association between Torah values and guidance from Torah sages throughout the generations with the Ministry of Health’s updated recommendations for healthy nutrition (Hebrew), which help prevent disease.

These recommendations were written after a comprehensive and in-depth exploration, and offer practical guidance. The contents are presented in an article format in accordance with the weekly Torah portions and the holidays. They are presented in light and plain language and enhanced by delightful illustrations.
The book has gained the agreement of the Torah scholars.

What is the connection between life preservation and eating?

Usually, the term ‘life preservation’ is associated with ‘Hilchoth Shmirath HaLashon’ (laws of clean speech) rather than eating issues, although there is no contradiction in this regard. Maimonides (also referred to by the acronym Rambam), one of the greatest arbiters across generations, a polymath, and leader of the medical discourse, wrapped up the importance of Shmirath HaLashon (clean speech) and the need for protecting against damaging eating. This is his sermon in Mishneh Torah (Hilchoth Deoth 4, 15): What Solomon said in his wisdom: “He who guards his mouth, and his tongue keeps his soul from troubles"; Namely, he who guards his mouth from eating unhealthy food or from swearing, and his tongue from speaking except for his needs”.

Even at present, it remains widely recognized that healthy and balanced eating is a fundamental component of a healthy body, and it affects our strength which is dedicated to the worship of God. Clarity of mind in Torah study is possible only through good health, and diligently and energetically fulfilling mitzvot, finding joy in our faith, as well as approaching others with ease and friendliness. However, maintaining a balanced and healthy eating pattern over an extended period is definitely challenging, to say the least.

It is undeniable that managing our food cravings is one of our generation’s challenges. This is what ‘Ben Ish Chai’ (Pinchas Portion) wrote: “There is nothing that the evil inclination can use to gain control against a person like the desire for food and drink.” Namely, a pervasive battle against temptation is the challenge of craving for food.
"Those Who Delight in Preserving Life" is a Torah guide to enhancing the quality of life and healthy nutrition according to the weekly Torah portions and the holidays, intended for the general public and the God-fearing people who delight in preserving life.

אכילה רגשית

Highlights and guidelines

Our hope is that these nutritional recommendations and information will integrate into the Haredi community's values and practices, guiding them in both routine and emergency situations.
Healthcare professionals and other organizations that work with the Haredi sector, both in the local authority and the community, will hopefully be able to leverage these tools in a variety of ways.
Consider the following suggestions for using the book:

  • Studying the entire book with the option of printing it as a hard copy document.
  • Producing the hard copy and distributing it as a holiday present for educational institutions, as part of an event, etc.
    The book "Those Who Delight in Preserving Life: Healthy Nutrition, the Path to the Torah Way for Good Health in Light of the Torah Portion” (downloadable file in Hebrew).
  • Reading the articles in the book according to the weekly Torah portions and holidays in different settings or at home.
  • Reading separate articles according to a Torah portion for separate use –download, print, or send each article separately on a designated delivery schedule.
  • Establishing “a weekly corner for healthy nutrition” in Sabath leaflets, Kollel, educational institutions, workplaces, wide-range WhatsApp distributions, Kosher WhatsApp groups and more, where the articles will be published weekly.

During emergencies (in wartime):

  • Distributing the hard copy document or the Torah portions separately to internally displaced people who stay in hotels or guesthouses.
  • Sending the articles according to the Torah portion by email, designated WhatsApp groups and more.
  • Incorporating the book into information sent to internally displaced people, etc.

Articles from the book according to the Torah portion

It is recommended to print the articles and use them according to the Torah portion:

  • Bereishit - for those who delight in preserving life
  • Noach - the proper way of eating meat
  • Lech Lecha - The challenges of happy occasions
  • Vayeira - you align with His ways and consume food according to His ways
  • Chayei Sarah - Abraham’s slave and the original candy
  • Toldot - The willful wrongdoer in the stew
  • Vayetzei - Hazel nut, a natural, Israeli, and cost-effective nut
  • Vayishlach, Chanukah - the Hellenistic donut
  • Vayeshev - the cup-bearer and his cup
  • Mikeitz - Joseph’s wisdom and intelligence
  • Vayigash - a slice of bread for peace of mind
  • Vayechi - bread is the nourishment that fills the human heart
  • Shmot - a prayer for healthy eating
  • Va'eira - buckwheat, a net gain
  • Ba - eating with the eyes
  •  Beshalach, Tu Bishvat - in praise of the Israeli fruits
  • Yitro - the advice and wonderful promise of Shelah HaKaddosh
  •  Mishpatim - eating free from any emotional influence
  • Trumah - a healthy and warm winter
  • Tetzaveh - the good oil
  • Ki Tisa - cinnamon adds a lot
  • Vayakhel - the difference between pleasure and affliction
  • Pekude - on the first day of the month of Adar, we rejoice and eat
  • Vayikra - Happy Purim with a prize-winning mishloach manot
  • Tzav - eating with dignity
  • Shmini - you shall only eat this!
  • Tazria - guarding the tongue and mouth
  • Metzora - preparations and recommendations for Passover, to snack before the Passover seder
  • Acharei Mot - the king’s leadership
  • Kedoshim - sanctify yourself by adhering to what is permitted to you
  • Emor - improving one's character with the help of the fathers
  • Behar - soothing an irritable bowel
  • Bechukotai - continuing to soothe the irritable bowel
  • Bamidbar - the righteous are rewarded with both material and spiritual prosperity
  • Naso, Shavuot - your words are like milk and honey — for your good health
  • Be'halot'cha - when you put your heart into a dish, it is going to turn out great!
  • Shlach - first grape days
  • Korach - cutting back salt and enjoying the original, healthy taste
  • Chukat - blessed be the Healer of the sick
  • Balak - your miracles are with us every day
  • Pinchas - the healing purpose pf the blessings
  • Matot - who is rich? The man who is content with his lot
  • Masay - nutritional challenges during the nine days of mourning
  • Devarim - an early breakfast: a starting point for a healthy day
  • V'etchanan - working persistently on the good deeds
  • Ekev - actions speak louder than words
  • Re'eh - appreciate the blessing and be content with your lot
  • Shoftim - is it natural not to control oneself?
  • Ki Tetzei - my son is dear to me
  • Ki Tavo - a person who controls his anger will reduce his eating and increase his movement
  • Nitzavim, Rosh Hashanah - going back to our roots
  • Vayelech, Shuva - the repentance of weight
  • Ha'azinu - to hear and to know the Torah
  • Sukkot - joy and awe meet properly
  • V'Zot HaBracha - one blessing that is four
  • The new nutritional rainbow - going back to nature