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No added sugar or flavor extracts, with lots of real fruit: a sweet and healthy recipe for home-made popsicles.

As a starter, snack or just “on the road”, with quality calcium from the cheese and a variety of vitamins from the colorful vegetables.

Mexican-inspired snack. Tortillas are a good source of fiber and calcium; avocado is an excellent source of good fats, especially monounsaturated fats which help reducing blood cholesterol.

Who needs processed sweets? Here is a sweet and healthy recipe that can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge for hectic times

Cast aside the salty and sweet snacks. They contain especially high quantities of sodium (salt), fats and sugar, alongside flavor and smell enhancers, various additives to prolong their shelf life.

Legumes are an excellent source of quality protein and could be prepared in many cooking methods, some of them very surprising

Easy to make, just two ingredients, the oven on low temperature, together with a few apples - work some magic in the kitchen with baked apple "chips" to replace any candy or ultra-processed snack.

Looking for something crispy that goes well with healthy spreads or beside vegetables, as an easy dish or at the park? Here is a simple recipe for crackers that will get the job done.

When you want something sweet - but also healthy, these cocoa and date balls, with raw tahini and almond butter, are a quick and pleasing solution

No odd-sounding additives, much less fat and sugar, more ingredients rich in minerals and vitamins - this homemade granola is fun to make and eat by ourselves or send to someone we want to cheer

Popsicles are a nutritional and low-calorie dish. They contain yogurt, which is a source of protein, calcium and vitamin A.

A popsicle is a cool dish, rich with vitamins (mainly vitamins A and C) and contains minerals and dietary fibers.

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