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Efsharibari: The Partners

What makes a national program unique is an inclusive, collaborative, attentive and open program where parties work as equals; as well as its expertise in developing an innovative fabric of links.

The National Program for Active and Healthy Lifestyle – Efsharibari, is a national framework that includes political, social and economic aspects established by the Israeli government to lead the process of creating an enabling environment and fostering a culture of health in the State of Israel.
The program is led by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture and Sport.

Why is it important to collaborate and form partnerships?

The ability of each of us as an individual to eat healthy and be active is influenced by environmental, social and economic factors. For example, the availability of walking and cycling trails in residential areas, the sense of security in our neighborhood, lit streets at dusk, and intact sidewalks support the decision to exercise. In contrast, a busy agenda, lack of a supportive social or physical environment, and high costs of exercise plans or a gym subscription make the challenge much more difficult.

The environment also affects eating habits: The nutritional value of meals in educational institutions, food prices, access to nutritional information and the level of exposure to low-nutritional food marketing can allow – or make more difficult – the ability to exercise the decision to eat healthier.

Therefore, the Efsharibari National Program is based on a fabric of links and partnerships with many different bodies, affecting our ability to persevere in healthier living habits. Among our partners: official institutions, local government, institutions, organizations, commercial sector, media, opinion leaders and the public at large – at national, local and community levels.

Efsharibari has partners that make health-promoting environments accessible to children, such as vegetable gardens in preschools and bicycle clubs, or ones that also enable those with disabilities to eat healthier and be mobile. Other partners help us make health information available to the public, as well as gather information from the public, so that we can adapt Efsharibari to all populations in Israel. In the health care system, our partners work with us to invest more in disease prevention and to provide healthy lifestyle counseling services to anyone who needs it.

Circle of partnerships and connections (from the brand book (Hebrew)):

מעגל של שותפויות וחיבורים

  • Organizations, associations and sporting unions
  • Employer unions, employee unions and employers from the private and public sectors
  • Organizations, NGOs and programs promoting Active and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Formal and non-formal education systems and institutions
  • Health system and HMOs
  • The whole population
  • Media outlets, newspapers and entertainment industry
  • Academia and research institutes
  • Food industry
  • People who promote an active and healthy lifestyle in the community
  • Leaders and opinion leaders
  • Defense and rescue forces
  • Religious establishments and institutions
  • The Knesset, government ministries and related national programs
  • Local Authorities

The program's name, “Efsharibari” embodies our responsibility as a state, to allow everyone to eat healthy, be active and feel great and our commitment to an environment that allows healthier choices for its residents.