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EfshariBari Conference 2017: From Inspiration to Assimilation

Over 500 participants from the fields of health, education, physical activity, with innovative and inspiring topics from Israel and around the world and the manner in which we can all assimilate them

Downloadable materials:

Conference topic summary brochure (Hebrew) 
Main session schedule (Hebrew)
Afternoon lecture program (Hebrew)

Filmed lectures:

“Efsharibari – Global Challenge and Vision”

Professor Itamar Grotto, deputy director General of Israel Ministry of Health, with new information regarding the current status quo in Israel and around the world

Efsharibari – What’s Happening and Where Are We Headed?

Liri Findling Andy, director of the National Program for Active and Healthy Life, with everything going on now, plans for the future and the vision of Efsharibari.

Spokesperson Challenges and Messaging about Nutrition in Social Media, Future Challenges and Risks

Einav Shimron-Greenbaum, Public Relations and International Relations deputy director at the Ministry of Health, summarizes the first two years on the media front with the campaigns and moves that change public opinion.

National Facilities Program 2027 – Access to Urban Infrastructure for Exercise

Ofer Bustan, head of sports at the Ministry of Culture and Sport, with the significant change that will allow us all to enjoy the infrastructure and facilities for physical activity at any level and age – close to home.

Challenges in changing our food environment – labeling the front of packaging, Mediterranean nutrition and more

Prof. Ronit Endewalt, director of Nutrition Division, Ministry of Health, who coordinates the professional aspects of the Harmful Food Labelling Reform and the Regulatory Committee, with the data, recommendations and outlook.

Special lectures from around the world

JD Mitch Zeller, director, Center for Tobacco Products, FDA: Nicotine, Disease Reduction and the Regulation of Tobacco Products.

Mr. Eric van der Burg, Alderman of the City of Amsterdam: Amsterdam Healthy Weight Program

Mrs. Karen den Hertog, Deputy Manager Amsterdam Healthy Weight Program: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Efsharibari around the world

A special filmed series with inspirational health promotion projects from around the globe featuring key personalities on health promotion in Israel:

Dr. Orna Baron Epel, Head of School of Public Health, University of Haifa

Prof. Diana Levin, Director, Department of Health Promotion, Clalit Health Services

Dr. Milka Donakhin, Chairman of Healthy Cities Network in Israel

Dr. Muhammad Khatib, educator and health promoter, Safed Academic College

Karen Brunner, Health Promotion Manager, Medical Division, Assuta Medical Centers

Gina Leib, Director of Health Promotion, Jerusalem District Health Bureau

See you at the next conference!