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Efsharibari Report 2020

Summary of the activities of the national program for an active and healthy lifestyle in 2020

In the file attached below you can find the report containing the main achievements of the Efsharibari National Program in 2020, both before and during the national and global coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Life as we knew it changed drastically in 2020. Large parts of the public were forced to deal with dramatic changes in their lifestyle. Educational settings were closed and sitting in front of screens for education and work purposes made a sedentary lifestyle a necessary evil. Precisely in this life reality, once it became evident in the early stages of the crisis that the coronavirus pandemic is not going to be a short term even, it was decided that the program will assist the public and the partners in coming up with policies, information, contents and initiatives for coping with this ongoing emergency routine, including some thoughts on the day after the pandemic.

Despite the acute crisis created by the lockdowns and the coronavirus restrictions, Efsharibari continued to act, to promote issues of healthy nutrition and physical activity and to actually expend its activities to additional and significant areas of content, such as informed use of screens, resilience and stress and pressure management, specific contents for the various from childhood to old age. Alongside these, the program of Efsharibari in the city also significantly grew, bringing together 54 localities in which about half of the Israeli population live.

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