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Efsharibari Report 2022

Summary of the activities of the national program for an active and healthy lifestyle in 2022

In 2022, the national program Efsharibari expanded its activities in multiple areas and strengthened and broadened collaborations. For those who are unfamiliar with the program, the report provides an overview of the national program, the underlying rationale for its establishment, and the operation methods employed, while focusing on the achievements obtained in 2022.

Among the various activities, the following landmarks stood out particularly:

  • Over 20 new authorities have joined this year and have been recognized as members of Efsharibari in the City. 60% of the population resides in health-promoting authorities, which conduct extensive activities covering diverse topics and target audiences.
  • The number of health-promoting schools in the new Choosing Health program has grown”
  • A new and dedicated guidebook entitled Celebrate It was developed and distributed to the teaching teams.
  • A healthy food environment has been developed: publication of the Nutritional Rainbow and approval of a sugary drink tax.
  • A health promotion initiative has been launched by the Welfare Division, the Civil Service Commission, advertising dedicated circulars on various topics.
  • A record number of participants and activities was achieved on World Walking Day, a traditional event managed in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
  • The Israel Physical Activity Report Card for Children and Adolescents was written and published.
  • An extensive campaign was launched on television on the issue of unhealthy beverages: 'The End of the "Uncomfortable" Era'.

You are invited to find out more about the national program Efsharibari and its accomplishments in 2022.

The full report (in Hebrew)