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The Database of Tools and Publications

An extensive database of photos, posters, videos, files, and other downloadable materials.

One of the most important areas where the National Efsharibari Program operates is social marketing. The unique content website addresses two designated target audiences: agents of change and professionals, and the general public. This website is the largest professional content hub in Israel.

In addition to the articles, which are presented in a concise, simple, and fluent format, a database of tools and publications has been established, containing hundreds of materials developed over the years on various topics. These materials are designed for diverse target audiences and needs. Everyone can download, print, and use the materials. The database includes photos, posters, logos, stickers, videos, information for digital platforms, campaigns, pamphlets, presentations, forms, links for maps, and more.

The structure of the database

The database is structured in a convenient manner, with three possble ways to classify the materials:

  1. By topic: among the topics of Efsharibari: eat healthy, being active, and well bing (including a smoke-free environment).
  2. By file type: map, printable materials, presentations and more.
  3. By tags: various tags relating to location (for example: the local authorities or the workplace) or to areas (such as nutrition and physical activity) and more.

To receive the relevant materials, mark the relevant classifications.

The database includes culturally adapted materials in a variety of languages to meet the needs of the diverse populations in Israel.

How to use the database?

The materials in the database are downloadable and can be used anytime. For example, the database includes a downloadable poster, the Nutritional Rainbow Diet, in Hebrew, size 50 x 70. It can be downloaded and sent to a printery.

See the professional publications and tools