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Public Appeal 15849 for Supporting Local Councils as Part EfshariBari in the City”2023

The Ministry of Health has issued a public appeal, inviting local authorities to apply for support in implementing programs and obtaining recognition as EfshariBari authorities in 2023.

The purpose of support and the available support tracks

The support aims to motivate local authorities in Israel to strengthen and empower the role of health units, enhance their managerial infrastructure, and implement an annual program promoting residents’ health through participation in the EfshariBari in the City project.

Support details

Instructions for submitting the application Last date for application submission Budget scope Supported bodies
Governmental financial support website April 24, 2023 7,000,000 “Local authority” – municipality, local council, and regional council

Response to clarification inquiries

Below is a presentation shown at the meeting dated March 28, 2023 including a summary about the project, the prerequisites and the submission of a work plan.
See the presentation (HE)

See the response to clarification inquiries (HE)

For your information: 

  • Local authorities interested in taking part in this public appeal will submit their applications through the Merkava system
  • Submission requirements should be fulfilled as detailed in Appendix A of the public appeal. The list of documents, along with instructions for filling them out and submitting them, is also provided here.
  • Once all the necessary documents have been uploaded to the Merkava system, proceed with the process of "submitting a completed application" (on the homepage, under the category "applications"). Without completing this step, even if the documents have been uploaded, there will be no confirmation of their submission
  • The final decision on the allocation of funds will be made subject to the confirmation of the support committee

Downloadable files and links

A. The complete support document

Public appeal 15849 for the Ministry of Health’s support in Local Authorities for implementing programs and gaining recognition as EfshariBari in the City authorities for 2023

B. List of documents, links and instructions for their submission:

Document Document code on Merkava Submission Link
Budget versus execution of supported activity 149 A document for manual signature to upload on Merkava Mandatory forms specified by the accountant general's instructions will be displayed on the portal upon application creation
An application form and rationalization 150 To be filled out in Merkava with a digital signature Mandatory forms specified by the accountant general's instructions will be displayed on the portal upon application creation
A Statement and commitment of the head of authority and treasurer, or an accompanying accountant, committing to lead and promote the EfshariBari in the City project within the authority, and to adhere to the specified conditions, instructions, and guidelines K001 A document for manual signature to upload on Merkava The statement and commitment of the head of authority and treasurer, or an accompanying accountant
A work plan for EfshariBari in the City for 2023 a submission plan for support, including budget K002 A document for signing and uploading on Merkava, and in addition, sending an open excel file via email nadia.ibrahim@moh.gov.il
Online EfshariBari in the City index questionnaire K003 Online submission only
Protocol/summary of all the steering committee’s meetings during the previous 12 months, including names and titles of participants, topics, and content K004 A document for uploading on the Merkava system for authorities that did not participate in the EfshariBari in the City project in 2022, or upon request Assisting tool – recommended protocol structure: it is mandatory to include these clauses in the application

Necessary references:

  • Educational diploma of the health coordinator
  •  Formal proof/employment contract of the health coordinator
K005 References must be uploaded to the Merkava system by authorities that have not previously won a public appeal, have replaced their health coordinator since the last confirmation, or need to update their training or experience information by the submission closing date or in response to the office's requirement  

Recommendations and sources for planning

  1. It is crucial to thoroughly review the public appeal, with particular emphasis on the chapter that addresses the instructions for writing a work plan in Appendix B.
  2. It is important to rely on mapping or a survey, if previously carried out by the authority, as well as the index questionnaire, which you are required to complete as part of submitting this public appeal. Part of the health indices are presented in the localities’ health map in the geographic information portal of the Ministry of Health.
  3. Seek assistance from the following sources:

Involved parties and professional assistance

  1. Involving the diverse program partners is essential, with a particular focus on engaging the heads of the education and sports departments, the Steering Committee or Health Committee, and senior officials within the authority. It is crucial to involve them in advance to obtain their approval regarding the necessary budgetary commitment.
  2. It is important to involve the health-promoting personnel in the health bureaus while designing the work plan.
  3. For any inquiries or assistance, please contact the coordinators of EfshariBari authorities via email according to the district divisions:
  4. To receive assistance, make use of the expertise of health promotion program writers and engage professionals based on the specific topic of the program:
  5. It is advisable to seek assistance of experienced individuals who are proficient in submitting public appeals onto Merkava authorities and prepare for completing all the documents and forms in time.
  6. Attending the meeting, which addresses inquiries and offers support for document completion, is highly recommended.

List of primary contact persons

Further reading

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