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The 'Milestone Project' for People With Disabilities

People living with disabilities are at a higher risk of chronic disease. Therefore, it is especially important to encourage physical activity in these populations to help them improve life quality.

From the ‘Israel Accessibility’ event, Image: Omer Massinger

A milestone for a cause and without limits

People who live with a mental, developmental, or physical disability often find it difficult to have a healthier, more active routine, often due to lack of access to suitable sports facilities and programs. Because of this, people with disabilities are more likely to have chronic illnesses, so it is important to create appropriate conditions and encourage them to engage in physical activity.

In 2014, EfshariBari together with Joint-Israel and in collaboration with the Special Enterprises Fund, Manof Fund and the Rodman Family Foundation, launched the “Milestone” project at several places across the country. Project participants learned how to perform physical activity customized to them and how to maintain a healthy physical, emotional and social lifestyle.

  • Since the project was launched, over 300 people with disabilities have participated in the unique workshops, with program facilitators being graduates of previous workshops who are familiar with what participants are experiencing.
  • In 2017, a guide was written to empower participants and train mentors and other facilitators.

מתוך החוברת "סדנת עמיתים לאורח חיים בריא לאנשים עם מוגבלות", 2017.

Environment - relationships with others - spirituality / living according to your values
Social health
Health through meaningful activity

Taking care of myself
Physical health
Emotional health

Physical health: exercise regularly, avoid addictions, have regular check-ups at the doctor and dentist, eat healthy food

Emotional health: know what stresses you, express your feelings, live in peace with yourself

Spirituality or living according to your values: know your values, live according to your values, be who you are

Health through meaningful activity: do something you enjoy, volunteer, get a hobby like reading, gardening etc.

 Social health: make good friends, socialize with friends, visit family members

From “A Healthy Lifestyle Peer Workshop for People with Disabilities” booklet, 2017.

If you also want to encourage and create change for the benefit of people with disabilities and make sports complexes accessible you can use the following resources

The booklet for participants of “Milestone” workshop, 2017, on the Akim Website (Hebrew)
The guide to an active and healthy city, on the Ministry of Culture and Sports Website (Hebrew)