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Eat It: Healthy Nutrition Education in Schools

A new and unique program from the education and health ministries as part of the EfshariBari National Project: Nutrition Education as part of the school curriculum for all age groups

Instead of a single lesson on health – health issues are included in regular lessons. Image: Gal Dern

The program “Eat This” is open to principals, homeroom teachers, professional teachers, complementary education staff and anyone who is interested in being a partner in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle at school, from grade 1 to 12, while each age group will deal with two main topics of your choice.

It is important to emphasize that the topic is not supplementary and we do not dedicate a special class to healthy nutrition, but combine the topics in all “regular” classes and lessons, for example:

  • First grade: The importance of breakfast
  • Second grade: Health implications of sugar
  • Third grade: The importance of consuming fruit and vegetables
  • Fourth grade: The importance of drinking water and avoiding sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Fifth grade: Mediterranean nutrition
  • Sixth grade: Traditional food and home cooking
  • Seventh grade: Implications of eating in front of screens
  • Eighth grade: Food evolution and food tech.
  • Ninth grade: Marketing and advertising techniques for harmful foods
  • Grades ten to twelve: Nutritional safety, community and society

The brochure was written by leading professionals from the fields of education, nutrition, health promotion, social marketing and physical activity and has a variety of suggestions for activities, lessons, educational tours and more.

The “Eat this” program emphasizes learning in an experiential, creative, digital way using the tools of the students' content world.

Children who receive nutrition education can influence eating habits in the family and in society. As they grow older, these children will serve as role models for future generations and ensure a healthier future and society.

Complete “Eat This” Program Guide (Hebrew)

Go for It

At the same time, the “Go for it” program has also been developed; a practical guide to adding 90 minutes of exercise each week, in all schools in Israel. The guide is designed to encourage and promote physical activity as part of students’ and the school community daily routine. The program offers a wide range of possible activities such as active breaks, experiential learning through stretching and fitness exercises, adding physical education hours and more.

Complete “Go For It” Program Guide (Hebrew)

Good to know

Implementation of the “Eat This” program is also intended to promote the enrollment and participation of schools in the “Health Promoting Schools” program.

For details and to join the “Health Promoting Schools” program

Further information

The Health Supervision Website at the Ministry of Education (Hebrew)