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Go for It: 90 More Minutes of Being Active and Healthy Every Week

A new hands-on guide with various suggestions for incorporating an additional 90 minutes of exercise per week for students in school: lessons, recess, and special activities.

Goal: Another 90 minutes of exercise per week. Image: Gal Dern

Why is it important to go for it

One statistic that paints the whole picture: while the World Health Organization recommends daily exercise for at least an hour a day for ages 5-17, in practice, only 16% of Israeli school students report that they do 60 minutes of activity each day. Contrary to the past, children today spend many hours in front of screens, and play outside rarely. And the result: Israel is among the top countries with obesity rates among children and adults, and last place in the amount of physical activity of children among the 64 countries tested.

“Go for It” Program

Education and health ministries have launched the “Go for it” program – a program to add 90 minutes of physical activity as part of the educational institution's routine from elementary to high school. The program provides a solution to the situation where physical education hours in the school system are insufficient and there is an immediate need to add physical activity in educational settings without affecting other school hours.

The program provides tools for integrating weekly and monthly physical activity on all physical fitness components (aerobic and anaerobic) as part of lesson plans, “active breaks”, a school environment that supports physical activity and more.

Whether it's “morning running / riding club”, English class exercise, math yoga or human body levers in physics, everyone, students, teachers and parents can find a way to add 90 minutes of exercise during the week.

Don’t go for it alone

The “Go for It” activity framework can be combined with activities of enriching parents looking to contribute, during trips or through a school tournament between classrooms and classes and between teachers and students.

The program can be expanded through social initiatives such as integrating activities with special education schools in the area, or enrichment programs with municipalities and community centers, various youth movements, or collaboration with Combat Fitness programs in preparation for IDF service.
Want more ideas for different lesson plans or activities?

“Go for it” – practical guide to integrating an additional 90 minutes of exercise per week for schoolchildren (Hebrew)

Also – “Eat This”

Another program promoted by health and education ministries within the framework of EfshariBari is “Eat This”. The “Eat This” program is designed to integrate nutrition and health topics into various classes through curiosity and a desire to expand knowledge, and provides practical tools that allow taking responsibility for dietary and eating patterns.

The "Eat This" program (Hebrew)

Good to know

Implementation of the “Eat This” program is also intended to promote the enrollment and participation of schools in the “Health Promoting Schools” program.

For details and to join the “Health-Promoting Schools” program
Map of the Health-Promoting Schools (Hebrew)

Further information

Ministry of Education Health Supervision Website (Hebrew)
Map of sport facilities in Israel (Hebrew)