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Climbing to Health: Encouraging the Use of Stairs in the Workplace

A task-specific kit that includes professional background, mapping and training tools, signposts, and contents designed for printing or distribution through social and organizational networks

In most workplaces, even when working from home, many employees are in a fairly "static" state: Seated in front of a screen, a desk, or a machine. Even after the working hours, most employees do not always have the opportunity for an initiated physical activity in order to meet the World Health Organization's physical activity recommendations (75 minutes per week of intensive physical activity or 150 minutes of mild physical activity, or a combination of the two).

Taking the stairs – Going up and downstairs is considered an available and effective form of physical activity, one that can be integrated as part of the workday within the workplace, at any time of day, and without any necessary preparation or special gear. However, most employees do not use the stairs regularly for various reasons. In order to encourage the use of the stairs as part of a healthier routine, the Ministry of Health's national program "Efsharibari" has developed materials, posters, and contents that were collected in a task-specific kit and are now presented for your use.

Guides, Tools and Documents

Employer's Kit for Encouraging Employees to Use the Stairs (Hebrew)
The kit includes applicable recommendations for employers and employees, tools for observation, assessment, and measurement, and templates of letters to the employees.

Signposting and Designed Contents for Download

A file containing 9 A4-size posters - print in color and place near the elevator.
A file containing 9 posters - print as "roll-ups" (height: 200 cm width 85 cm)
A folder containing 9 photos in a square ratio and 9 photos in a 16:9 screen ratio – upload to social media or distribute by mobile phones (square photos) and display on the organization's screens (rectangular photos)

Further Read

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The World Health Organization's (WHO) Guide for Physical Activities for those Aged 18-64

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