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Eat Healthy

Healthy nutrition is part of every moment of our daily lives every time we make a choice. Decide what food comes into the home, what goes into the sandwich, or the family's dinner table.

Even When Not Getting Out of Home - It is Possible to Eat Healthy

Even if we are at home because of fear of coronavirus infection, it is possible to keep us well with a healthy and effective diet.

Growing Up Healthy: Healthy Diet During Adolescence

Healthy nutrition and physical exercise are not only vital for the healthy development of the adolescent mind and body, but they also provide tools for a healthier lifestyle.

FAQs About a Healthy Change in Your Home Kitchen

Change is never simple and it raises many questions. We have gathered all the questions and answers you need to know to help you choose EfshariBari and cast processed foods aside.

Children Eat Healthily: At Home, Preschool and School

Healthy Diet Education: In preschool and school, children not only learn writing, reading and social skills, but also establish dietary concepts and habits for life

To Stay Active, Even at Home - #it's_EfsahriBari

Physical activity, even such that can be performed alone, without leaving home or even a room, helps with alleviating stress, preserving and strengthening of muscles and bones.

Eat Healthy

Fresh is EfshariBari: Shopping List

Everything you need to remember to have in your shopping list – for quick preparation of healthy and scrumptious meals

Being Active

For any age, season, or time, we have gathered for you all the information to get you exercising and enjoy the health benefits of physical exercise.

Eat It: Healthy Nutrition Education in Schools

A new and unique program from the education and health ministries as part of the EfshariBari National Project: Nutrition Education as part of the school curriculum for all age groups

Well Being

It is not just how active we are and what we eat – it is also the "how" and what we are doing and feeling during the day.

Healthy Nutrition as Reinforcement for Children's Spirits During Wartime

The emergency and anxiety affect our children's eating and health. Understanding the difficulties and recommended actions will help parents, teachers and others in the community protect their health.

Celebrate It: Promotion of the Healthy Celebration of Holidays and Events in Preschools and Schools

A new guide by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, as part of the national program Efsharibari, for the promotion of healthy celebration of holidays in preschools and schools

A Healthy Diet for the First 1,000 Days of a Child’s Life

From the beginning of pregnancy until age 2 – the first 1,000 day of a child’s life are critical to the development of the embryo

Hanukkah in the Colors of the Rainbow

A healthy Hanukkah vacation in the spirit of the new nutritional rainbow

Eat Healthy

Legumes – What They Are and Why You Should Consume Them Daily

Legumes are nutritious, satisfying, inexpensive and good for the environment