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Nutritional Security: the Significant Role of Nutrition in Combatting Corona

Not just a mask and alcogel: healthy nutrition also protects against complications of the coronavirus, and so accessibility to healthy foods for all of us is especially important now

Colorful, festive, healthy stuffed peppers

A tasty and fancy main course and mainly: without meat. Peppers in a variety of colors or other vegetables we love: tomatoes, zucchinis, onions, or eggplants.

The 'EfshariBari in the City' Initiative

Let us introduce: The “EfshariBari in the City” initiative is a unique model for promoting active and healthy living among residents – it includes actions in the local and national levels.

Healthy Nutrition in the Garden

A guide for community garden coordinators, volunteers, nutritionists, educators, and visitors: how to create a discourse about nutrition and healthy living.

FAQs About a Healthy Change in Your Home Kitchen

Change is never simple and it raises many questions. We have gathered all the questions and answers you need to know to help you choose EfshariBari and cast processed foods aside.

Hanukkah in the Colors of the Rainbow

A healthy Hanukkah vacation in the spirit of the new nutritional rainbow

Israel Physical Activity Report Card for Children and Adolescents

Israel joined the international organization AHK (Active Healthy Kids) and prepared a comprehensive report on physical activity among children. What grade did Israel get? What did the forum recommend?

Efsharibari Around the World

Obesity, no physical activity, spending hours in front of screens, and smoking are challenges many countries share. What do they do about it? How do you say Efsharibari in French?

The Nutritional Rainbow Diet for Healthy Nutrition

Eating Efsharibari according to the Ministry of Health's national nutritional recommendations

Healthy Anywhere, Anytime: Emergency Routine

How can routine be maintained during emergencies? Tips for adults over 18

Health-Promoting Schools

The ministry of Health and Ministry of Education in an EfshariBari initiative: Health-Promoting Schools

Efsharibari: The National Program Brand for Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Not just for designers: A complete and comprehensive brand book with everything that’s important to know about strategy, design, colors, fonts, photographic language and applications with existing

Efsharibari: The Partners

What makes a national program unique is an inclusive, collaborative, attentive and open program where parties work as equals; as well as its expertise in developing an innovative fabric of links.

More Walk Trails – More Happy Residents

It turns out that by improving infrastructures that encourage physical activity in public spaces, local authorities can help residents become happier.

Food Deliveries for Families Evacuated from Their Homes

Would you like to donate? Have you decided to cook for families evacuated from their homes? It feels good for both the giver and the receiver.