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Eat Healthy

Less Sodium – Better Health

What is sodium, why is it concealed in so many foods (sweet ones too!) and why shouldn’t we consume too much of it?

Eat Healthy

Less Sodium for Children – It’s Efsharibari

How can you reduce your children’s sodium intake and why is it important to start at a young age?

Eat Healthy

The Red Symbols Are Coming to the Shelves

We will soon be able to tell at a glance if the food product has high amounts of sugar, fat and sodium that exceed the threshold set by the Ministry of Health.

EfshariBari Birthday

With cake – but with less snacks and sweets with lots of saturated fat, sugar and sodium: more and more preschools and schools are already celebrating healthier birthdays

Eat Healthy

Fruit and Vegetable Snacks

Cast aside the salty and sweet snacks. They contain especially high quantities of sodium (salt), fats and sugar, alongside flavor and smell enhancers, various additives to prolong their shelf life.

Efsharibari Report 2017

Activity report of the National Program for Active and Healthy Living for the year 2017

Eat Healthy

The Green Symbol

It is green and round and here to help us all make healthier choices: What foods and products will have the green symbol and what are the criteria?

Eat Healthy

Efsharibari’s Bread Symbol – Make a Healthy Choice!

The shelves in retail chains are filled with many kinds of dark breads with names that give the impression of a healthy product, but not all are made of whole grain flour.

Regulations for Labeling Harmful Food Products

What are the red labels for? What food products will be required to have labels and what influence will they have on the average Israeli menu?

About the National Program for an Active and Healthy Lifestyle – Efsharibari

With the Efsharibari program, the Ministries of Health, Education, and Culture and Sports are leading a joint effort in the national and local level to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity

Eat Healthy

Read, Compare and Choose Healthier: Ingredient List and Nutritional Labeling

How the ingredient list and nutrition labels can help us better understand what goes into the shopping cart – and choose healthier

Eat Healthy

Europe Wants a Healthier Future: The Food and Nutrition Action Plan

Europe wants a healthier future: A new UN Action Plan works toward healthier nutrition

Efsharibari Bread and Pastry Label: Making It Easier for Consumers to Choose Healthy!

Over 100 different products from big and small manufacturers, with more than 40% of products in the category – it's time to join the EfshariBari Label

Eat Healthy


Fresh, easy and quick to prepare foods for the family instead of ultra-processed foods.

Well Being

UK: Despite Statutory Restrictions, Unhealthy Foods Still Take Center Stage in Advertising for Children

A study that explored the scope of food advertising for children on UK television found that advertisements for fast food chains were quite common