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It's not all about how active we are or what we eat - it's also how and what we do and feel for the rest of the day

Sleep Disorders in Adolescents

Sleep benefits the body and soul. How important is sleep during adolescence, what to do when the teens suffer from sleep disorders, and how can the problem be resolved

Sleep Disorders in Children

Sleep benefits both body and mind. What to do if the children suffer from sleep disorders, and what we as parents can do to help them sleep better.

Adult Sleep During Wartime

Are you experiencing sleep disturbances? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to go back to sleep?

Emergency Routine with Children

How do you create a routine during emergencies at home? How do you enhance resilience among children? What can be done, and what should not be done?

Smoke Free City – 2014

A smoke free city is where the local authority assumes a commitment to reduce the extent of smoking, establishing a clear policy of keeping and maintaining smoke-free environments

These Are Difficult Times - We Will Get Through Them Together

How to cope with fear and stress

Efsharibari at Home: Parent-Child Communication during Crisis

Educational psychologist Liat Dotan from Kfar Sava Psychological-Educational Service, suggets solutions for open and enabling dialogue between parents and children in times of crisis and uncertainty.

Efsharibari at Home: Wholesome Communication in the Family

Wholesome communication at home: Dana Bar Shor, a psychotherapist and art therapist, explains how to generate communication that brings the family together, especially between parents and children.

Allergies in Children Awareness

1st grade: Health - Allergy awareness in children Teacher: Efrat Stern

Hygiene and Cleanliness (1st and 2nd Grades)

1st grade: Nutrition and health - Hygiene and cleanliness Teacher: Yael Noah

Language - Hygiene

5th grade: Language - Hygiene Teacher: Limor Asis

Balancing the Body on Various Bases (1st through 3rd Grades)

1st grades: Physical education - Balancing the body on various bases Teacher: Mor Levi

Improving Static and Dynamic Balance (1st through 3rd Grades)

1st grade: Physical education - Static and dynamic balance Teacher: Yael Farkash

Coping with Negative Thoughts in Stressful Situations

During stressful situations, our thoughts may be a little blurry and not quite clear. However, with a little help, our thoughts can also generate much more positive relaxing feelings.

How to Inhale (and Exhale) to Calm Ourselves in Stressful Situations?

The relaxing bubbles: A short video that will give you some breathing air. Liat Dotan, an educational psychologist, demonstrates a simple and effective way to calm down using respiratory relaxation.

Efsharibari Challenge: The Keys for Change with Professor Sigal Sadetzky, Director of Public Health Services

New strategy for the program: Alongside promoting healthier nutrition and physical activity - also informed use of screens, strengthening mental resilience, coping with stress and preventing smoking.

The Haifa Health-Promoting Workplaces Club

"Efsharibari on the Scene" the Haifa Health-Promoting Workplaces Club convened at the Egged Administration Offices in Haifa.

Efsharibari on the Scene, Sarah Holtzman, Haifa

"Efsharibari on the Scene" with Sara Holtzman, Haifa City Hall administration, a member of the Haifa Health-Promoting Workplaces Club.

Efsharibari on the Scene, Bracha Sela, Haifa

"Efsharibari on the Scene" with Bracha Sela, Haifa City Hall Secretary, a member of the Haifa Health-Promoting Workplaces Club.

Efsharibari on the Scene, Galit Rand, Haifa City Hall

"Efsharibari on the Scene" with Galit Rand from Haifa City Hall, and a member of the Haifa Health-Promoting Workplaces Club.

Efsharibari on the Scene, Hava Goldenberg, Carmel Medical Center

"Efsharibari on the Scene" with Hava Goldenberg from the Carmel Medical Center, a member of the Haifa Health-Promoting Workplaces Club.

Efsharibari on the Scene, Roni Perry Nadav, "Freedom of Movement" Studio Owner

"Efsharibari on the Scene" with Roni Perry Nadav, "Freedom of Movement" Studio Owner, and a member of the Haifa Health-Promoting Workplaces Club.

Efsharibari on the Scene, Kobi Manor, Discount

"Efsharibari on the Scene" with Kobi Manor who is a member of the Haifa Health-Promoting Workplaces Club.

Efsharibari is health-promoting schools

Program's goal: Promoting healthy behaviors and habits at schools.

Efsharibari is health-promoting pre-schools

Program includes: cleaning habits, active daily routine, and healthy and varied nutrition.

19th National Education and Health Promotion: Efsharibari Conference, 2017

Conference proceedings, lectures and inspirational contents from Israel and abroad.

Nicotine harm reduction

From Inspiration to Implementation: Mitch Zeller, Director of the Center for Tobacco Products, FDA