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Well Being

It is not just how active we are and what we eat – it is also the "how" and what we are doing and feeling during the day.

Here you can find important information about the effect our habits and lifestyle have on our health, better communication with the children and stress reduction that is sometimes associated with eating and recreation preferences, dental hygiene, relationships inside the family and at work, reducing screen time, anxiety and stress, and an environment free of cigarette smoke.

5 Things You Should Know About Feeling Better…

Come and find out what they are!

Sensible Use of Screen Time

Unstressed and Healthy

Healthy Family

Smoking Prevention

5 Things you should know Well Being

  1. Insufficient sleep may harm our physical and mental health and a correlation between sleep deprivation and obesity has even been found; lack of sleep causes weight gain, since it slows down the metabolism, and it intensifies the sensation of hunger
  2. Want the children to eat healthier? Don't try so hard! The children very justifiably assume that you would not have to invest so much effort in convincing had the food been tasty.
  3. Children who skip the main meals of the day (morning, lunch and evening) are at an increased risk for developing diseases associated with obesity, and diseases that are caused by it, such as heart diseases, vascular diseases and diabetes.
  4. Multiple studies have found that children do not know how to relate to advertising messages critically, and at a young age, do not know how to distinguish content from an advertisement. Because of that, many countries in the world have restricted advertising and marketing options for harmful food to children and teenagers.
  5. In Britain, the US, and Australia, it has been found that the vast majority of commercials on TV that market food products for children had products classified as harmful food.

It's not just well being...